Architectural Control

 The CCRs provide that “No construction, alteration, addition, refurbishing, or erection of any structure of any nature whatsoever shall be commenced or placed upon any part of the Community, except that ...... is approved by the Architectural Control Committee.”  More detailed information concerning the community restrictions can be found in the in the Article 3 and Article 6 of the Covenants

The committee has three voting members and several adjunct members, and includes:

Daniel Levine - Lead and Voting Member
15720 NE 23rd Ave
Vancouver, WA  98686

Paula Woodruff - Voting Member
2212 NE 158th St
Vancouver, WA  98686
(360) 314-2609

Cheryl Jenkins
2219 NE 157th St
Vancouver, WA  98686

Craig Sanford
2215 NE 157th St
Vancouver, WA  98686
  (360) 573-4381

Jay Small
2005 NE 157th St
Vancouver, WA  98686


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