Community-Wide Yard Maintenance Standards

Your Board of Directors, in order to keep the neighborhood looking neat and attractive, has adopted Community-Wide Yard Maintenance Standards, as provided for in Article 5, Section 5.4 of the Cobblestone CC&Rs.  A Board Resolution was passed on 10/18/2012 approving such Standards, and the Resolution was distributed to all homeowners shortly thereafter, as required, before it went into effect.

The authorizing CC&R Section and the Community-Wide Yard Maintenance Standards are shown below. 

Article 5 - Maintenance; Conveyance of Common Areas to Association

Section 5.4 Owner's Responsibility. Except as provided in Sections 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 above, all maintenance of any Lot and all structures, parking areas, and landscaping, and other improvements thereon together with the landscaping and trees on any parking strip fronting any such lot, shall be the sole responsibility of the Owner thereof, who shall provide maintenance consistent with the Community-Wide Standard and this Declaration. The Owners shall maintain their Lots and any and all appurtenances in good order, conditions and repair and in clean, sightly and sanitary condition at all times. The perimeter fencing, if any, shall be maintained and repaired in uniform appearance by the abutting lot owners. In the event that the Board of Directors of the Association determines that any Owner has failed or refused to discharge properly any of such Owner's obligations with regard to the maintenance, repair or replacement of items for which such Owner is responsible here-under, the Association shall, except in an emergency situation, give the Owner written notice of the Association's intent to provide such necessary maintenance, repair, or replacement at the Owner's sole cost and expense. The notice shall set forth with reasonable particularity the maintenance, repairs, or replacement deemed necessary. The Owner shall have ten (10) days after receipt of such notice within which to complete such maintenance, repair or replacement, or, in the event that such maintenance, repair, or replacement is not capable of completion within a ten (10) day period, to commence such work which shall be completed within a reasonable time. If any Owner does not comply with the provisions hereof, the Association may provide any such maintenance, repair or replacement at such Owner's sole expense and all costs shall be added to and become a part of the assessment to which such Owner is subject and shall become a lien against the Lot.

Community-Wide Yard Maintenance Standards

a. Maintenance of the fences, lawns, sidewalks, trees and planting areas on each lot is the responsibility of the owner/occupant. This includes the side street areas on corner lots.

b. Areas visible from the adjacent roads must be well tended, and covered by lawn, ground-cover and/or mulch. Exposed dirt expanses are not allowed.

b. Any lawns, grass strips, or other plantings visible from the adjacent roads must be well tended including watering during summer to prevent general browning or dying.  Lawns (including lawn weeds) are to be cut and trimmed to assure a growth height of less than 5".

c. Weeds in planting beds must be removed before reaching height of 10"

d. Street trees on each lot are to be maintained by the lot owner/occupant and must be kept trimmed neatly, and free of suckers. Trees, shrubs and other plantings must be trimmed to allow unhindered passage on sidewalks. Any dead trees, shrubs or other plantings on any lot, visible from the adjacent streets, must be removed by the owner/occupant.

e. Statuary - No permanently mounted/fixed statuary is allowed in the front of the house. Installation/placement of water features or large decorative rock (more than 2 feet in diameter) shall be submitted to the ACC for review and approval.

f. Perimeter fences abutting lots must be well maintained by the lot owners. The Association may occasionally offer to stain the outer portions of some of the fencing for uniform appearance purposes.



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