Contractor Listing

Sooner or later, owning a home means needing a contractor to do some work for us on improvements, repairs, renewals or replacement work.  Often we don’t know where to turn to get a reputable contractor to help us. 

Homes were built in Cobblestone by two different builders, Riverside Homes and D. R. Horton.  Below are links to lists of some contractors used by these builders.   Also, check your home owners warranty.  The original Home Owners Warranty that came with the house may direct you to a particular contractor to see if the work is covered by the warranty.

Click on “Riverside Homes Contractors” or,  “D. R. Horton Contractors” for a list of contractors and their phone numbers

For work not covered by warranties, there are some web sites out there that will provide contractor recommendations, sometimes for a fee.  But often we feel better getting referrals from people we know - our neighbors.  Attached is a listing of “Owner Used Contractors”, ones that have actually been used by our neighbors.  These neighbors have indicated that they are willing to talk to you individually about the experience they had with a  particular contractor, either positive or negative.   The discussion should focus on the homeowners actual experience and not be construed as a recommendation (or not), and the homeowner assumes no responsibility for the performance of the contractor on your project.  Please note that regardless of their experience with a contractor, it is up to you to make sure that the contractor you select is licensed and insured.    Also, Cobblestone NW Homeowners Association does not either recommend or discourage use of any of the contractors listed.

If you have any experience with other contractors and would agree to be contacted regarding them, please
call the webmaster at 360-597-3287, or e-mail



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