The Board of Directors is always looking for ways to reduce the cost of running the Association and maintenance of our neighborhood, thereby reducing or limiting our
annual dues.  This year, 2014, we are expecting the cost of postage, paper and
envelopes alone to exceed $250.00.  This is a cost that the Board feels can be reduced
 by 50%. 

Although some communications can currently be sent by e-mail, State, county, local
law, and our fiduciary responsibility require that certain notices be delivered to
homeowners by hand or by mail service.  However, some other communications can
be delivered to homeowner electronically if individual homeowners give permission
through an “opt-in” process that is verifiable, with the right to “opt-out” at any time.

   Electronic Communications Opt-in Form

   Electronic Communications Opt-out Form

Whether or not a person “opts-in”, the following communications will continue to be
sent by e-mail, if possible.

   -  Reminders of all kinds
   -  Community issue surveys (very seldom)
   -  Notices of Cobblestone web-site content

If a person “opts-in”, e-mail communications would include:

   -  Annual and Special Meeting notices & relevant meeting information
   -  Resolutions or resolution notices

 Whether a person “opts-in” or not, e-mail communications would not include:

   -  Restriction violation notices – Courtesy Notices, Notices to Correct, Demand Letters
   -  Annual dues notices – Invoices, Late notices, Demand Letters
   -  Other notices required to be mailed or hand delivered by State, county or local law.

We know that most of you already get lots of e-mail so, as always, we will minimize
e-mail we send to your homes.  Also, when we send bulk e-mails, we will continue to
use the .bcc feature to hide your e-mail address from others.

Thank you.  The Board of Directors



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