Home Issues

My guess is that all of us bought our homes here because we liked the location and felt the houses were built by a quality builder.  However, it is not unusual to still have some things with which homeowners are not satisfied.  Below are listed some issues that owners have had with their homes here.  This list is provided to help current, new and prospective homeowners identify and resolve possible problems either prior to purchase, or during the initial new home warranty period.

If you homeowners have had other issues worth mentioning, either resolved or unresolved, please contact the Webmaster so they can be added to the list.

1.  (Riverside)  Homeowner felt excessive heat radiating from upstairs ceiling in the morning after a warm day and upon checking the attic, found that the ridge vent openings at the roof peak had been substantially covered with tar paper and roofing, preventing the escape of hot attic air.  This can also substantially reduce roof life and void the roof warranty.  It was also found that a portion of the roof did not have a ridge vent at all.  A warranty item was submitted and the roofing subcontractor corrected the problem. See Picture.

2.  (Riverside)  Prior to closing, the homeowner’s inspection revealed that the water pressure was well above the pressure recommended for homes.  The builder installed a water pressure regulator to correct the potential problem.

3.  (Riverside)  Homeowner indicated that the turf between the sidewalks and the curbs is laid on a very thin layer of  topsoil over the top of a substantial rock base.  The result was that water from sprinklers quickly ran through the soil into the rock base, and then drained away, leaving the lawn to quickly dry up.

4.  (Riverside)  Homeowner felt that the three upgrade ($150 ea), elongated toilets did not flush well and plugged often.  Homeowner actually had to explain to guests how to sequentially flush the toilets to keep them from plugging.  A warranty item was submitted to resolve the problem.  The plumbing subcontractor checked the toilets but said they were operating as designed.  Although the builder specified the toilets to be used, the builder would not take any further action to resolve the problem nor would it refund the $450 upgrade cost.  Owner, at owners expense,  replaced the three toilets with ones that flushed well.  See Picture.    


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