Cobblestone NW Homeowners Association

The Cobblestone Homeowners Association is defined by the Cobblestone NW CC&Rs, and consists of all of the home and lot owners in the neighborhood.  The Association Board of Directors is elected by the home and lot owners at the Annual Meeting, and the Board then appoints Association Officers, the Architectural Control Committee and any other committees it deems necessary.  The Officers, the Board and the committees are guided by the Cobblestone NW CC&Rs, Bylaws, and County and State Regulations.

1.  Board of Directors - Major duties of the Board of Directors

2.  Schedule of Board of Director & Special Meetings - All home/lot owners are invited to attend.

3.  Architectural Review Committee - Proposed duties of the ARC

4.  Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the
     Cobblestone NW development

5.  Bylaws and Incorporation of the Cobblestone NW Homeowners

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