Summary of Cobblestone Restrictions

Note:  The summary below is not intended to be all inclusive or detailed.  There are exceptions to some and some are OK if approved by the ACC (Architectural Control Committee).  Consult the full text of the restrictions for further details. 

1.  Signs  Signs of any kind (except “For Sale” and security signs) are not permitted without the prior written consent of the ACC

2.  Fences  Fences nor hedges in excess of 6 feet high or extending into the front yard are not permitted without the prior written consent of the ACC.

All fences must be constructed of wood materials unless approved by the ACC

3.  Vehicle parking  “Vehicles” includes automobiles, vans, campers, trucks, buses, motor homes, boats, jet skis, trailers, portable aircraft, motorcycles, snowmobiles, mini-bikes, scooters, go-carts, dune buggies and any other towed or self propelled transportation type vehicle.

“Passenger vehicles” includes passenger automobiles, vans, small trucks, motorcycles and similar type vehicles regularly and primarily used as transportation.

“Parking areas” are defined as the number of garage parking spaces and driveway areas in front of garages

Driveway areas are considered “parking areas” for “passenger vehicles” only.

No “passenger vehicles” can be parked on any lot or portion of the community except in “parking areas”

No “vehicles” other than “passenger vehicles” in regular use can be parked on any lot or portion of the community except in garages, or a pre-approved screened-in area.

4.  Pets  Only conventional household pets (not for commercial purposes) can be kept on a lot.  Owners are responsible for immediate cleanup of fecal matter deposited by their pets on any property except their own lot.

Pets must be confined to the owner’s lot unless on a leash.

No domestic pet may be kept if it is a nuisance or source of annoyance.

5.  Nuisance  No substance, thing or material will be kept that will emit foul or obnoxious odors or that will cause any noise or other condition that will disturb the peace, quiet, safety, comfort or serenity of the occupants of the surrounding property.

Illegal, illicit, noxious or offensive activity is not permitted within the community, nor is anything tending to cause embarassment, discomfort, annoyance, or nuisance.

Speakers, horns, whistles, sirens, bells, amplifiers or other sound devices (except for security purposes) shall not be permitted on the exterior of any house, without prior ACC approval.

6.  Unsightly or Unkempt Conditions   Each Owner is responsible to keep his/her lot free from any unclean, unhealthy, unsightly or unkempt condition.

The pursuit of hobbys or other activities, including specifically the assembly and disassembly of motor vehicles, which might tend to cause disorderly, unsightly or unkempt conditions is not allowed outside of the homes or garages.

Garage doors must be kept closed at all times unless they are in use. 

7.  Antennas  Television or radio antenna nor satellite dish can not be placed on a lot unless screened from view from the street, without prior written consent of the ACC.

8.  Sight Distance at Intersections   Fences, walls, hedges or shrub plantings can not be placed where they will block the view of any oncoming traffic.

9.  Garbage Cans  Garbage cans must be located or screened so they are concealed from view from the street abutting the lot. 

10.  Guns  The use of firearms is prohibited, including bb guns, pellet guns and firearms of all types.

11.  Lighting   Colored lights (except holiday displays and yellow insect-type lights) are not  permitted.

Unshielded spot/floodlight fixtures are not permitted.  No fixtures which illuminate and excessively glare onto any other lot are permitted.

12Artificial Vegetation, Exterior Sculpture, and Similar Items  Artificial vegetation, exterior sculpture and similar items are not permitted in the front yard unless approved by the ACC.

13.  Clotheslines  Exterior clotheslines of any type are not permitted unless entirely screened from view from other lots.

14.  Security Devices  Exterior security devices, including window bars, are not permitted.

15.  Construction and Sale Period  As long as Riverside Homes owns any property in the Cobblestone, the restrictions shall not be applied so as to prevent development construction and sales activities.


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