About the Webmaster

John and Mimi Kimbrough moved to  Vancouver, Washington after having lived in the East for more than 30 years.  Both, however, grew up on the West coast, and  were lured back by a combination of the great (cooler) weather, reasonable cost of living and the fact that most of their family lives in Oregon and California.

John and Mimi are both retired - he from DuPont and she from Hagley Museum (the original DuPont powder mills). 

John started this website because he felt the owners in the neighborhood needed a way of communicating with each other and to help building some community spirit. 

John welcomes any input that will improve the website including any changes, additions, corrections, deletions or just opinions.  The website can be anything that the neighborhood wants it to be.


John Kimbrough
15701 NE 23rd Ave
Vancouver, WA  98686



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